TANSXL Features:

This self tanner produces a perfect, natural looking tan. If used lightly it creates a perfect golden glow, or a stronger application will create a deep, bronze tan. This self tanner is infused with hyaluronic acid which is deeply hydrating, this means the tan lasts longer, fades evenly, and your skin looks youthful and sexy.

TANSXL has a light bronzer, you can see where you are spraying it and it has a slight cosmetic bronzing effect. Many people spray a little on their face every day before leaving the house. Super easy to use, the product features an easy to control aerosol that produces a light, easy to control mist. You can create a salon style airbrush tan at home. Light clean fragrance, beachy and pleasant: this product does not smell like other self tanners.

TANSXL bottles are 7ozs.

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